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This web site now has mirrors in Ireland, the USA and Australia.

IONA has moved offices in both Ireland and the USA and opened a new office in Australia. The addresses are below.

This is the IONA Technologies World Wide Web Server. Simply select the area you want to visit from the active picture above or the links below. If you'd like to tell us what you think, or ask us anything just mail or call us 1 800 orbix4u. We hope you enjoy looking around.

IONA Technologies' core mission is to bring the power of Distributed Object Technology to the world. IONA's Orbix, the world's leading Object Request Broker, is a full implementation of the OMG's CORBA standard. Currently used by over 3500 developers in over 600 sites worldwide, and available across more than 20 platforms and compilers,

Orbix is Everywhere.

What's New at IONA:

The OrbixTalk White Paper is now available
IONA Announces OrbixWeb for Java
Download OrbixTalk and Naming Betas NOW
Orbix for Windows CORBA-OLE integration now available
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*Orbix is a UNIX Review Outstanding Product of 1995*Unix Review magazine have picked IONA's Orbix as one of the outstanding products of 1995. According to Unix Review, "You sense IONA understands and delivers object interoperability better than anyone else--and in Orbix IONA has the technology to prove it. The future is here."

IONA Technologies started running one of the first web servers in Ireland back in June of 1993; since then, things have bounded along. For nostalgia we keep a copy of the original home page.

OMG CORBAnet We are a member of the Object Management Group and a co-sponser of the CORBAnet initiative.

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