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CORBA Market-leader Establishes Australian Base to Expand Presence in Pacific Rim
IONA Technologies opens PacRim HQ in Perth, Western Australia
Perth, Western Australia, May 8th, 1996: IONA Technologies, the leading developer of CORBA-compliant solutions, today announced the opening of its Pacific Rim headquarters. Located in Perth, Western Australia and initially staffed by a combination of six technical and sales personnel, its presence will provide even faster technical support and product advice to IONA's customer base throughout Australia and the Pacific Rim.
Orbix implementation in Java puts CORBA on the Internet free of charge
OrbixWeb Internet Object Request Broker available at no cost from IONA Technologies
Object World East, Boston MA., May 8th, 1996: IONA Technologies announced that OrbixWeb, its Java CORBA implementation, is available today and can be licensed at no cost. OrbixWeb dramatically increases the power and scope of Internet applications, by extending the object technology paradigm to the World Wide Web. IONA first announced OrbixWeb, a full Java implementation of its market-leading CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) implementation, in January 1996.
IONA Combines the Best of CORBA and Multicast Messaging in OrbixTalk TM
OrbixTalk implements OMG Events Service
Object World, Boston, MA., May 8th 1996: IONA Technologies has unveiled OrbixTalk as the first implementation of the CORBA Events Services. OrbixTalk combines the best of standards-based distributed object technology with message-oriented middleware. IONA also announced a powerful extension to the OrbixTalk product here today codenamed TalkStore.
Companies to build tight integration between Orbix and OpenDoc
IONA and Apple form strategic alliance to build Orbix on Mac OS
Object World East, Boston, MA., May 8, 1996: IONA Technologies Ltd., and Apple Computer, Inc., today announced they have formed a strategic alliance to support Apple's customers requiring connectivity from OpenDoc-based applications to the world of Orbix and CORBA 2.0. Apple® and IONA intend to work together to ensure that Orbix® interoperates easily with OpenDoc-based applications. IONA intends to ship Orbix 2.0 for Mac OS® System 7.5 by early Fall 1996.
Orbix® and SOM Interoperability Planned
IONA Technologies and IBM collaborate on object technologies
BOSTON, MA, May 8, 1996 . . . In a move that will fuel the growth of open, distributed computing, IONA Technologies Ltd. and IBM announced today an agreement to collaborate on their respective object technologies, with particular focus on interoperability between IBM System Object Model (SOM) technology and IONA's Orbix offering.
IONA and BellSouth to co-operate on Orbix® for MVS
Market leading CORBA implementation to integrate Windows, Unix and mainframe applications Telecommunications giant to use market leading CORBA implementation for Enterprise integration.
Dublin, Ireland, March 26th, 1996: IONA Technologies Ltd., and telecommunications giant, BellSouth have teamed to provide IONA's CORBA implementation, Orbix, on the MVS Open Edition operating system (now integrated into OS/390). BellSouth, one of the world's largest users of IBM's MVS, plans to use Orbix at the center of its data processing infrastructure.
Rogue Wave And IONA Technologies Develop Tools For Easily Passing C++ Objects Across A Corba Interface
ORBstreams.h++ allows developers using IONA's Orbix® to distribute Rogue Wave classes and other C++ objects as conveniently as native CORBA objects.
SAN FRANCISCO, CA_February 9, 1996_ Rogue Wave Software and IONA Technologies today announced ORBstreams.h++, a C++ class library that gives developers using IONA's Orbix the ability to easily pass C++ objects across a CORBA interface. Previously developers were required to describe C++ objects in CORBA Interface Definition Language (IDL) before they could communicate with other CORBA objects. ORBstreams.h++O works with both Rogue Wave and user-defined C++ objects.
IONA to Deliver Orbix for the Versant ODBMS
Companies partner to provide customers integrated set of CORBA services
SAN FRANCISCO, CA_February 9, 1996: IONA Technologies Ltd., and Versant Object Technology Corporation today announced that the two companies have agreed to provide a coherent integration between Orbix, IONA's CORBA implementation, and Versant's ODBMS. The Orbix+Versant integration will provide customers with a consistent way to build applications that take advantage of existing corporate data and the best in object technology.
Object Database Gets CORBA Compliance
IONA and Object Design Offering Industry's First Integration of ODBMS and CORBA Compliant ORB. SAN FRANCISCO, CA_February 9, 1996: IONA Technologies Ltd., today announced shipment of Orbix+ObjectStore the integration between Orbix®, its CORBA-conforming object request broker (ORB), and ObjectStore®, the leading object database from Object Design Inc. The collaboration represents the first time an object database has been integrated with a CORBA-conforming ORB.
Objective Interface Systems And Iona Technologies To Deliver Deliver Corba Integration For Ada 95
Orbix/Ada To Provide Powerful Object-Oriented Development Capabilities.Based on Industry-Wide Standard From The Object Management Group
(SAN FRANCISCO, CA) February 9, 1996- Objective Interface Systems, Inc.TM (OIS) and IONA Technologies Ltd. (IONA) of Dublin, Ireland, today announced plans to provide an Ada implementation of Orbix® - IONA's market-leading implementation of the Object Management Group's (OMG's) Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) standard. Orbix/Ada supports rapid development of highly-efficient, distributed object-oriented applications that follow a transparent and straightforward, standards-based model.
IONA Technologies Licenses Object Technology to Silicon Graphics
San Francisco, California, 9 February 1995: IONA Technologies Ltd. announced today that IONA's Orbix® will play a significant role in Silicon Graphics' object technology and enterprise computing strategy.
Orbix® integration with Java(TM) puts CORBA on the Internet
IONA announces Internet Object Request Broker
January 22, 1996, Dublin, Ireland: In a move that dramatically increases the power and scope of Internet applications, IONA Technologies today announced plans to extend the object technology paradigm to the World Wide Web. IONA will provide a full integration between its market leading CORBA implementation, Orbix, and the recently unveiled Internet development language, Java.
Ericsson Opts for IONA's Orbix as International CORBA Standard
Market leading CORBA implementation to speed software development at Ericsson
Dublin, Ireland, January 10, 1996: International telecommunications giant Ericsson AB, has signed a contract with IONA Technologies Ltd., to use IONA's Orbix as the company-standard CORBA implementation throughout the world.
Database Component and Orbix to provide OLE and CORBA Access for Databases
Re-useable software reduces development overhead
DB/EXPO, New York, NY, December 6,1995:- IONA Technologies and I-Kinetics are demonstrating a re-useable software component, that provides plug-in links to relational databases, at this week's DB/EXPO in New York.
IONA's OrbixAwards to Encourage Use of CORBA in Educational Research
Dublin, Ireland, December 6, 1995: IONA Technologies announced its OrbixAwards competition here today. IONA seeks to encourage the innovative use of CORBA in university and educational research
IONA Signs Scandinavian and Japanese Resellers for Orbix®
DB/EXPO, New York, NY, December 6, 1995: IONA appointed two new Orbix resellers this month. Malmo, Sweden-based Enea Data AB is the firm's new reseller for Scandinavia. Enea will sell Orbix, throughout Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Meanwhile Toyo Information Systems (TIS) is IONA's first distributor in the Pacific Rim and will look after the nascent Japanese market for Orbix.
Orbix® on QNX Speeds Realtime Deployment
IONA Technologies brings the power of CORBA-compliant distributed object technology to the leading RTOS for PCs
Embedded Systems Conference, San Jose, CA., September 12, 1995: IONA Technologies, Ltd., today announced it is shipping a release of its Orbix object request broker (ORB) for the QNX realtime embedded operating system.
Orbix Now on Twenty Platforms
Orbix brings CORBA to wide variety of desktop, server and real-time operating systems
Object World, San Francisco, August 15, 1995:- IONA Technologies' market leading CORBA implementation Orbix is now available across 20 operating system platforms following the release of a full Orbix implementation on Apple Macintosh System 7.5 and IBM's OS/2.
IONA extends US presence
IONA Technologies opens technical support facility in Boston
Boston, MA, August 15, 1995: IONA Technologies, the leading developer of CORBA-compliant solutions, today announced the opening of its first East Coast facility.
Boeing Selects IONA's Orbix® to Aid in Software Integration
Aircraft manufacturer to use standards-based object-oriented approach to systems integration
Object Expo, New York, June 6, 1995:- IONA Technologies Ltd., announced that The Boeing Company has selected IONA as its supplier of object request broker technology...
Orbix® will be first object request broker with C++ and IIOP
Orbix® will be first object request broker with C++ and IIOP
Boston, MA., May 12, 1995: IONA Technologies announced its roadmap for Orbix CORBA 2.0 implementation here today. The company said it plans to deliver the key elements of CORBA 2.0 --C++ mapping and Interoperability Protocol-- by the third quarter of 1995.
IONA Revolutionizes Distributed Object Technology: Brings CORBA to Volume Desktop
Orbix® for Windows 3.1, OS/2 2.0 and Apple Macintosh System 7.5 set to extend CORBA market
Boston, MA., May 12, 1995: The number of businesses taking advantage of standards-based distributed object technology is expected to jump dramatically in the next 12 months with the introduction of CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) implementations for volume desktop operating systems, according to Annraí O'Toole, vice president development at IONA Technologies, Ltd.
IONA Offers Multithreading Option with Orbix-MT
Orbix® brings the power of objects to the desktop
Boston MA., May 12, 1995: Following a successful beta program IONA Technologies' Orbix-MT, a multithreaded version of Orbix using Solaris Threads, has gone on general release.
IONA Demos VisualBASIC - CORBA Integration
Orbix® brings the power of objects to the desktop
Object World, Boston, MA., March 21, 1995: IONA Technologies is demonstrating a working integration between Microsoft VisualBASIC and Orbix
IONA Forms Partnerships to Consolidate World-wide Markets
Volume sales necessitate new channels
Object World, Boston, MA., March 21, 1995: IONA Technologies has in recent weeks appointed a number of resellers and distributors across the US and Europe, to sell its market leading CORBA implementation Orbix.
Orbix® on VxWorks Speeds Real-time Deployment
IONA Technologies delivers CORBA standard for embedded, real-time applications
Dublin, Ireland, March 9, 1995: Fulfilling its promise to extend the reach of CORBA technology, IONA Technologies, Ltd., today announced it has shipped a beta version of its Orbix object request broker (ORB) for VxWorks, the real-time embedded systems operating system from Wind River Systems, Inc.
Black & White Software and IONA Technologies Ltd. announce strategic partnership
Companies Combine Graphical Interface Development and Object-Oriented Technologies to Create UIM/Orbix
Dallas, TX, March 13, 1995 -- Black & White Software, Inc., a leading supplier of UNIX-based development solutions, today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with IONA Technologies, Ltd. The direct result of this partnership, UIM/Orbix*, facilitates the development of standards-based, multi-tiered distributed applications using object-oriented client-server technology.
IONA ships Orbix for UnixWare 2.0 and Tuxedo
"IONA is a valued partner," Mike DeFazio, Executive Vice President and General Manager, UNIX Systems Group, Novell, Inc.
Dublin, Ireland, February 13, 1995: IONA Technologies today announced the availability of Orbix, the leading CORBA implementation, for Novell's latest release of UnixWare 2, Novell's premier application server for business critical solutions. This move extends UnixWare for the development and execution of advanced, distributed object applications to span the enterprise. Orbix for UnixWare, coupled with IONA's Windows products, in particular its OLE integration technology, is delivering the CORBA promise to the mass market.
OMG Adopts Mission-Critical Object Services
Major vendors vow to build specification into products
Framingham, MA -- January 10, 1995 - The Object Management Group's Board of Directors has adopted the Common Object Services Volume 2 (COSS 2), which will provide CORBA*-conformant ORBs with the services of Object Transactions, Externalization, Relationships and Concurrency Control.
Public Domain Software Release Notice: WEB*
Web* (WebStar) is an enabler to put information available in different information sources on the Web. This software will allow anyone trying to setup a Web server (HTTP server) to provide information which they have accessible programmatically but not in HTML format.
Web* has an optional Orbix interface. Orbix is a CORBA-compliant software. Web* is part of the Information Sharing System being developed at CERC.
IONA Releases Orbix® on Digital Platforms
IONA delivers CORBA on Digital's Ultrix and OSF/1
Dublin, Ireland, February 7, 1995: IONA Technologies has released its latest version of Orbix Object Request Broker (ORB) software on the Digital's OSF/1 and Ultrix platforms.
ComponentWare Consortium Formed to Advance Object Technology Standards
Government Technology Reinvestment Project Supports Software Reuse Effort with $4 Million in Funding
Burlington, Massachusetts--January 31, 1995 -- The ComponentWare Consortium (CWC), a newly-formed cooperative of seven leading companies concentrating their efforts in Distributed Object Management, announced today that it was awarded $4 million in government Technology Reinvestment Project (TRP) funding to facilitate the development and availability of reusable software. Consortium members include: BBN Systems and Technologies, a division of Bolt Beranek and Newman, Inc.; Heuristicrats Research, Inc.; I-Kinetics, Inc.; IONA Technologies Ltd; NetLinks Technology, Inc.; Pratt & Whitney; and SunSoft, Inc.
IONA Releases Orbix® for AIX
IONA delivers CORBA on IBM's AIX
Dublin, Ireland, January 13, 1995: IONA Technologies has released its latest version of Orbix(r) Object Request Broker (ORB) software on the IBM AIX platform.
World's Largest Software Development Consortium Defines Interoperability
OMG adopted technology will enable heterogeneous distributed computing
Long Branch, NJ -- December 7, 1994 - The Object Management Group, a 470+ member software consortium, has approved and adopted a de facto standard specification for interoperability in heterogeneous distributed computing systems. OMG's Board of Directors voted yesterday to adopt technology submitted by BNR, Digital Equipment Corp., Expersoft Corp., Hewlett-Packard, IBM, ICL plc, IONA Technologies, and Sun Microsystems as OMG's Common Object Request Broker Architecture, version 2.0 (CORBA 2.0).
iO Software GmbH (Germany); British Airways (UK); Finsiel Spa (Italy); BASF AG (Germany); Bonndata GmbH (Germany); named winners
Object World Germany - October 4 1994 - IDG World Expo and Object Management Group (OMG), producers of Object World Germany (September 27 - 29 in Frankfurt), the industry's largest conference and exposition focusing on the business and practical aspects of Object Technology, announced the five winners of the first annual Object Application Awards Program.
IONA Releases Orbix Version 1.3
Orbix Upgrade Enhances Performance and Increases Platform Spread
Dublin, Ireland, November 21, 1994: IONA Technologies announced today the latest version of its Orbix Object Request Broker (ORB) software. Orbix Version 1.3 includes significant improvements in performance and adds five new operating systems to the already comprehensive Orbix cross platform coverage.
Object Database Gets CORBA Compliance
IONA and Object Design Offer Industry's First Integration of ODBMS and CORBA Compliant ORB.
Cambridge, Ma., October 31,1994: IONA Technologies Ltd., today announced plans to integrate Orbix, its CORBA-conformant object request broker (ORB), with ObjectStore, the leading object database from Object Design Inc. The collaboration represents the first time an object database has been integrated with a CORBA- conformant ORB.
Collaboration results in object-based OLTP specification
SunSoft, Tandem Computers, Tivoli Systems and Transarc Corporation jointly develop Object Transaction Service
Framingham, MA -- September 12, 1994 - The Object Management Group (OMG)announced today nine major on-line transaction processing (OLTP) and object technology(OT) vendors have jointly developed a specification for an Object Transaction Service.
Groupe Bull demonstrates the Object Transaction Service for mission-critical applications
Frankfurt am Main, Germany -- September 27, 1994 -- At Object World Germany, Groupe Bull is presenting a demonstration of its implementation of the Object Transaction Service (OTS) recently announced by the Object Management Group (OMG). This demonstration -- presented in cooperation with Iona Technologies Ltd. and Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme AG -- shows how mission-critical applications can benefit from the advantages of the object-oriented technology.
Motorola Launches Orbix into Orbit
IONA's CORBA implementation to control IRIDIUM world-wide cellular telephone network
Dublin, August 31, 1994: IONA Technologies Limited's Orbix has been chosen by Motorola Inc., as the software with which it will build and control the ground station segment for the IRIDIUM Global Cellular Network program.
Orbix brings CORBA to the volume desktop
New York, June 21, 1994: IONA Technologies has released a beta version of its object request broker Orbix 1.2 for Microsoft Windows 3.1 to a limited number of its customers, the company revealed at the Securities Industry Association exhibition here today.
IONA Technologies and ISIS Distributed Systems to deliver Orbix on ISIS
Agreement will deliver advanced object group technology for reliable distributed object-oriented application development.
Dublin, Ireland, April 22, 1994 -- Isis Distributed Systems and IONA Technologies of Dublin, Ireland today announced plans to integrate IONA's Orbix object request broker with Isis reliable distributed computing (RDC) technology. Orbix+Isis will be the world's first reliable, object-oriented (OO) programming environment for the development of business critical applications in a distributed environment.
IONA Releases Orbix Version 1.2
Orbix upgrade provides for easier database integration
Dublin, Ireland, April 22,1994: IONA Technologies announced the latest version of its Orbix object request broker (ORB) software today. Orbix Version 1.2 includes an Object Loader function for the first time, as well as an upgraded Interface Repository, a new approach to filtering, and more code examples to guide programmers.
IONA Releases Orbix Object Request Broker For Hewlett Packard Unix Systems
Orbix(R) Provides Interoperability across Multiple Desktop and Server Platforms
Dublin, Ireland, March 21, 1994: IONA Technologies has once again broadened the scope of truly distributed, object-oriented applications with the launch of a version of its Orbix object request broker (ORB) for Hewlett Packard's HP/UX operating system.
IONA and SunSoft Demonstrate World'âs First CORBA Interoperability
Orbix provides MS-Windows link to DOE
Boston, Mass., January 11, 1994: IONA Technologies and SunSoft have signed an agreement to align their implementations of the Object Management Group's (OMG's) CORBA standard.
IONA's Orbix Distributes Objects from UNIX to Windows NT
Dublin, Ireland, September 17, 1993: IONA Technologies today announced the Windows NT version of its Orbix object request broker. Orbix, a software development tool, is the first full and complete implementation of the Object Management Group's (OMG) Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) standard.

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