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Seminar information

Last Autumn saw the beginning of IONA's ongoing and highly successful seminar roadshow. The first seminar took place on October 4th when seventy enthusiastic delegates turned up at the ANA Hotel, San Francisco to hear the IONA perspective on CORBA. Within ten weeks almost nine hundred people from all over the US had attended this travelling seminar. A second date had taken place in San Francisco, together with eight more, in San Jose, Seattle, Boston, New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Dallas and Birmingham. Split into two sessions, technical and managerial, the CORBA Seminar presented a thorough examination of the strategy, direction and features of the OMG's work on CORBA.

The series then continued with two dates in London and one in Sydney. At this stage, the topic base of the seminars was broadened and the name changed to 'CORBA and World Objects'. These new seminars covered everything from an introduction to CORBA technology to linking desktop clients and CORBA servers using Visual Basic, OCXs and Java. They too, turned out to be a great success receiving an outstanding response from all the audiences.

CORBA and World Objects - Topics

Morning Session

Afternoon Session

In order to specifically address the varying needs of attendees, taking into consideration the differences in prior knowledge and individual interest, the day is split into two sessions. Anyone interested in attending has the choice of attending either the entire seminar or just one of the two sessions.

As the market leader in CORBA technology, IONA provides a unique insight into the practical application of CORBA in a variety of contexts, giving real-life examples of projects and successful implementations.

Seminar Information | Upcoming Seminars | Registration

Upcoming Seminars

CORBA and World Objects

New York, May 28th: Millenium Broadway, 145 West 44th Street

Toronto, May 30th: King Edward Hotel, 37 King St. E

Montreal, May 31st: Hotel Le Westin Mont-Royal, 1050 ouest, rue Sherbrooke

The seminars begin at 9am and finish at 5pm. Sign-in takes place at 8.30am. Lunch will take place at 12.30pm and will be available to all delegates regardless of sessions attended. Refreshments will also be served.

All attendees will receive a seminar pack which includes; a manual, teeshirt, demonstration diskette, and the IONA Technologies information pack.

Seminar Fees
Full Day
Early bird rate* - $300
Full Rate - $400
One Session
Early bird rate* - $200
Full Rate - $300

* Bookings before May 20th qualify for the early bird rate.

A 50% discount on all rates is available to students/academics and a 10% corporate discount applies to groups of three or more from the same company.

All bookings must be received before May 24th.

Seminar Information | Upcoming Seminars | Registration


Registration for The CORBA and World Objects Seminar

To attend either of the seminars please complete the registration form (below). Alternatively, you can send identical details via e-mail to seminars@iona.com.

Should you wish to familiarise yourself with some of the course material prior to the event, the following white papers can be accessed from our FTP site: ftp.iona.com, or by sending an email to server@iona.com and mentioning the keyword in the main body of the message. This is entirely optional and by no means necessary.

arch_wp.doc		Orbix Architecture
features.txt		Short summary of Orbix features
java_wp.doc		Java Integration
mvs_wp.doc		MVS/Enterprise 
ocx_wp.doc		OCX Integration
testimonials.doc	Customer testimonials
orbixwise.doc		OrbixWise Program

Please enrol me in The CORBA and World Objects Seminar indicated below
May 28th: Millenium Broadway, 145 West 44th St., New York, NY 10036
May 30th: King Edward Hotel, 37 King St. E., Toronto, ON M5C 1E9
May 31st: Le Westin Mont-Royal, 1050 ouest, rue Sherbrooke, Montreal, PQ H3A 2R6

Which of the following will you be attending;
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The morning session
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If you are paying by credit card, please contact Brian Comaskey with your details.
tel: 1 800 orbix4u (672 4948) fax: 1 617 679 0910

All cheques should be made payable to IONA Technologies Ltd. and posted to the attention of Brian Comaskey at:

IONA Technologies
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