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IONA was formed in March 1991 with a simple mission - to bring the power of Distributed Object Technology to the world. Orbix, our flagship product, is the culmination of over a decade of research into distributed object technology, and the result of a continued dedication to excellence throughout this period. Now shipping for over two years, Orbix has evolutionized the software development process.

IONA Technologies Ltd. released the core Orbix product in June 1993, and Orbix now ships world-wide. Orbix is available today on 20 platforms, including most Unix platforms, Windows NT and Win3.1(with full OLE integration), OS/2, Mac, SCO and real-time embedded systems such as VxWorks and QNX. A release on MVS is also imminent.

Orbix is the market leading CORBA 2 compliant Object Request Broker. IONA's philosophy in creating Orbix, was to create a standards-based, open and easy to use component architecture applicable across all domains. Orbix now sells in volume into Finance, Telecoms, Engineering, Manufacturing, Government and Research.

In creating strategic industry partnerships, IONA has followed the same strategy: one of openness and co-operation, through integration with third party tools. Orbix adds value to third party products, which add value to Orbix. Orbix integrates with over 40 third party (OEMs, ISVs and Consultants) tools, thus extending the Orbix franchise while enabling IONA to focus on its core mission.

IONA was founded as a result of experience in distributed systems and object technology gained by researchers at the Department of Computer Science, Trinity College Dublin. The University work was stimulated by several ESPRIT projects, part funded by the European Commission, during the period 1985-1991, including COMANDOS, HARNESS, ISA, and Ithaca.

IONA is based in Cambridge MA., Perth, Australia and Dublin, Ireland. IONA sells direct into the USA, and has a network of value added resellers and European distributors.

Company Milestones

March 1991
Company Founded.

December 1992

Beta Product release.

April 1993

IONA submits CORBA C++ mapping to OMG with SunSoft.

June 1993

IONA Technologies unveils Orbix 1.1, the first full implementation of the Object Management Group's CORBA standard on Solaris, SunOS and SGI IRIX.

August 1993

IONA licences Orbix software to Semaphore USA for all CORBA training.

September 1993

IONA announces Windows NT version of Orbix.

January 1994

IONA and SunSoft agree to align ORB technologies and demonstrate world's first CORBA Interoperability.

January 1994

SunSoft buys a minority equity stake in IONA Technologies.

March 1994

IONA releases Orbix for Hewlett Packard Unix systems.

April 1994

IONA Technologies and Isis Distributed Systems (subsidiary of Stratus Inc.) sign agreement to deliver Orbix+Isis.

April 1994

Orbix Version 1.2. released.

June 1994

IONA Technologies releases beta version Orbix 1.2 for Microsoft Windows 3.1.

July 1994

IONA announces plans to link Orbix with Microsoft's OLE.

August 1994

Motorola chooses Orbix for IRIDIUM® project.

October 1994

Orbix 1.3 released; Orbix now running on most Unix and PC platforms

November 1994

Orbix Version 1.3 includes significant improvements in performance and adds five new operating systems to the already comprehensive Orbix cross platform coverage.

November 1994

IONA and ODI announce plans to integrate Orbix with ObjectStore OO database.

December 1994

IONA appoints Netlinks, Inc. of Nashua, NH., as a reseller for the US market and Interactive Objects, Gmbh. of Germany as distributor for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme, AG, is appointed as a reseller.

January 1995

IONA releases beta version of Orbix for VxWorks, the real-time embedded systems operating system from Wind River Systems, Inc.

February 1995

IONA releases Orbix for Novell's latest release of UnixWare 2, Novell's premier application server for business critical solutions.

March 1995

IONA appoints further resellers and distributors: Valtech, SA., and Ingenia, SA., in France; Software Solutions of Texas in Houston; and NobleNet, Inc., of Boston MA.

April 1995

IONA releases Orbix for Windows 3.1.

June 1995

Boeing chooses Orbix to revolutionise the aircraft production process.

July 1995

Orbix-OLE interoperability is incorporated into the Orbix For Windows package.

August 1995

IONA opens its first East Coast facility, in Boston MA.

January 1996

IONA announces OrbixWeb, which will dramatically increase the power and scope of Internet applications by integrating CORBA with the Java language.

February 1996

Silicon Graphics licence the Orbix source code. They will use Orbix as a central part of their object technology strategy.

May  1996

IONA opens an office in Perth, Western Australia.

Client base

Some customer highlights:

Telecommunications: Motorola, Northern Telecom
Manufacturing: Boeing, Schlumberger, Marquette Electronics
Finance: Merrill Lynch, Swiss Bank, Nomura Chemical Bank
Defense: ARPA, Raytheon, E-Systems, Lockheed
Medical: Baxter, Mayo Clinic
Computing: Silicon Graphics, DEC, HP, IBM
Research: Sarnoff, Sandia, Los Alamos, SAIC
Independent Software Companies: Broadvision, TAS, I-Kinetics


In January 1994, SunSoft Inc., [a subsidiary of Sun Microsystems Inc.] purchased a minority stake in IONA. The companies also signed an agreement to align their implementations of the Object Management Group's (OMG's) CORBA standard. IONA will be in a position to offer multiplatform CORBA connectivity to SunSoft's CORBA implementation on Solaris - DOE.

ISIS Distributed Systems Inc., [a subsidiary of Stratus Computers Inc.] and IONA signed an agreement to integrate their products, in March 1994. Orbix+ISIS will allow programmers to easily develop fault-tolerant distributed systems.

Object Design Inc., and IONA Technologies have announced plans to integrate Orbix with ObjectStore®, the leading object database. The collaboration represents the first time an object database has been integrated with a CORBA-conformant ORB.

Motorola Inc. has chosen Orbix as the software with which it will build and control the ground station segment for the IRIDIUM® Global Cellular Network program. The IRIDIUM system is one of the most ambitious telecommunications projects ever undertaken, representing an investment of $3.4 billion.

Black & White Software and IONA have jointly developed UIM/Orbix, which facilitates the development of graphical and distributed applications. The product represents the combination of the leading GUI builder (UIM/X) with the leading CORBA implementation (Orbix).

The Boeing Company has chosen Orbix as the software with which to integrate recently acquired business systems in the Boeing Commercial Airplane Group. Orbix will help in simplifying production processes, and reducing costs and cycle times.

Silicon Graphics Inc. has licensed the Orbix source code in order to implement it across their product range and thus enable enterprise applications to work together as one cohesive system. IONA will play a significant part in Silicon Graphics' object technology and enterprise computing strategy.

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