What IONA's Customers are Doing with

IONA has shipped over 6000 Orbix developers licenses to more than 1000 companies Worldwide. The following includes overviews of what a small section of these developers are using Orbix for today.

Orbix is used across a broad range of industry sectors, including:

Telecommunications: Motorola, Northern Telecom, British Telecom, Bellsouth, SouthWestern Bell, Telefonica, Ericsson.
Manufacturing: Boeing, Schlumberger, Marquette Electronics, Asea Brown Boverei.
Banking: Merrill Lynch, Swiss Bank, Nomura, Chemical Bank, Block Financial.
Defense: ARPA, Raytheon, E-Systems, SAIC, Lockheed, TASC, CWC.
Medical: Baxter, Mayo Foundation.
Computing: Silicon Graphics, DEC, HP, IBM, Tandem.
Research: Sarnoff Research Labs, Sandia Labs, Los Alamos National Labs, BIBA, CSIRO, BBN.
ISV's: Broadvision, I-Kinetics, Thomson Software, Black and White, Thomson Software.

and many more ...


Motorola, Inc., is one of the leading providers of electronic equipment, systems, components and services for world-wide markets. Motorola was winner of the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award in recognition of its superior company-wide management of quality processes.

Iridium, Inc. is an international consortium of telecommunications and industrial companies funding the development of the IRIDIUM system. The consortium includes: Iridium Canada, Inc., China Great Wall Industries Corporation, Iridium Africa Corporation, Iridium Andes-Caribe of Venezuela, Iridium Middle East Corporation, Iridium India, Private Ltd., Khrunichev Enterprise of the Russian Federation, Lockheed of the US, Motorola of the US, Sprint of the US, STET- Societe Finanziaria Telefonica per Azioni of Italy, Pacific Iridium Telecommunications Co., Ltd. of Taiwan, and the Thai Satellite Telecommunications Company.

The IRIDIUM® Global Cellular Network is one of the most ambitious telecommunications projects ever undertaken. When complete IRIDIUM will provide global wireless hand-held telecommunications services including voice, facsimile, data and paging via 66 lightweight satellites in low-earth orbit. The satellites will be placed in six orbital planes consisting of 11 satellites each, positioned approximately 420 nautical miles above the earth. The satellites will be interconnected through cross-links providing complete coverage of the earth's surface. Representing an investment of $3.4 billion plans call for the first launch to take place in 1996 with commercial service anticipated in 1998.

Orbix has been chosen by Motorola Inc., as the software with which it will build and control the ground station segment for the IRIDIUM®Global Cellular Network program. When it goes on-line in 1998, the IRIDIUM system will provide the first wireless communications network that spans the world.

"Early on in this project we realized we would need to take a distributed, object-oriented approach in developing this critical software and quickly saw CORBA as the basis for the best solution. Following an exhaustive examination of existing CORBA implementations Motorola opted for Orbix as an easy to use, robust, reliable and faithful implementation of the CORBA specification. Orbix presents CORBA in a natural way to C++ programmers."

"The principles CORBA and Orbix are based on are well established. With Orbix our programmers can develop distributed, object-oriented applications quickly, following a consistent and straight forward, standard-based model without compromising on performance. Orbix handles many of the complexities of distribution leaving our programmers to focus on functionality."
Dr. David Castillo, Lead Software Designer of the System Control Segment of IRIDIUM


Headquartered in Renton, Washington, the Boeing Commercial Airplane Group (BCAG) is the world's leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners. Aircraft currently manufactured by BCAG include the 737, 747, 757 and 767 as well as the new model 777. With revenues of $21 billion in 1993, BCAG accounted for approximately 80% of the total operating revenues of the Boeing Company.
BCAG is undertaking a complete re-vamp of its aircraft design and production processes. Dubbed Define and Control Airplane Configuration/Manufacturing Resource Management (DCAC/ MRM) this project will provide Boeing with a world class end-to-end production system, simplifying its production processes and computing systems, and reducing overall costs and cycle times.. A key component of the system will involve the careful management of the access to, and control of product data. This is embodied in the Single Source of Product Data (SSPD) concept based on data resource management principles.

BCAG has selected commercial off-the-shelf software from Trilogy Development Group, Structural Dynamics Research Corporation, Baan International, and CIMLINC Incorporated to build SSPD. IONA's Orbix is being used to provide consistent integration between these applications enabling them to operate as a single coherent system.

"Taking an object-oriented approach based on CORBA will help reduce the time it takes us to integrate our computing applications. We chose IONA because of its approach to CORBA compliance. Orbix will help us link the different applications together, enabling us to perform as a single integrated system."
Tom Schick, senior vice president of BCAG.


Chemical Bank is one of the largest high street banks in the USA.
Chemical Bank is in the process of finishing up its global deployment of the Orbix+Isis product. Orbix+Isis is an integration between IONA's Orbix object request broker and the Isis reliable distributed computing (RDC) technology. With off-the-shelf Orbix+Isis, developers can save considerable time and expense designing software fault tolerant object-oriented applications for distributed environments, which until now had to be custom designed. The bank is initially using Orbix+Isis to support its interest rate management traders in New York, London and Singapore - a group of some 400 traders. Ultimately Chemical expects to support up to 1000 users world-wide on its Orbix+Isis application.

Orbix+Isis is being used to reliably distribute trading applications written by Chemical developers using Infinity Financial Technology Inc.'s Fin++ Class Library, a set of C++ financial objects. Chemical Bank is also using Orbix+Isis as part of a bank-wide move towards object technology, which it calls Financial Application Framework (FAF).

"An important advantage in Orbix+Isis is that the product's API is compliant with the OMG CORBA standard for distributing objects over the network."
Larry Mitchell, VP Foreign Exchange Systems

"Chemical has the point of view of taking object-oriented technology as a means of being able to build a truly distributed computer environment, where the processes and the data are physically separated, potentially in quite small fragments. With Orbix+Isis Chemical is talking about everything being moved across the globe. The problem we face in doing that is having an environment that is secure, that allows you to be able to make a request to an object - something that would know where the object is - and be able to ensure that the messaging that goes from one object to another is performed in a guaranteed fashion."
Brian Slater, Chemical's Managing Director of Global Bank Technology


Silicon Graphics, Inc., is the world leader in visualization, 3D, color, sound and multimedia technology. Providing a compatible family of hardware and software systems ranging from inexpensive desktop clients to multiprocessor database or compute servers, the company has over ten years' experience in the development of graphics workstations and high-performance computers.
Silicon Graphics has underlined its commitment to object technology by licensing Orbix in order to provide software developers and customers with unmatched capabilities to deliver world class distributed applications and tools. Silicon Graphics has full access to the Orbix source code and is implementing it across the entire product family. The eventual intention is to incorporate and sell Orbix along with the Orbix Naming Service on the IRIX™ operating system. The company also plans to create bundled application software based on Orbix. IONA and Silicon Graphics will work together to extend and enhance Orbix, whilst embarking on a project to provide truly integrated enterprise software. The first Silicon Graphics release of Orbix was made available during Q1 1996, and will maintain interoperability with all 20 operating system versions of Orbix.
"Silicon Graphics is taking a major step forward in its object strategy in which all of our services will be linked together. Orbix will play a significant role as it will enable enterprise applications to work together as one cohesive system."
Rick LeFaivre, VP Engineering, Silicon Graphics Inc.


Broadvision is a leading supplier of Application System Software for on-line Marketing and Selling. Broadvision delivers products and services that enable businesses to generate profits from Internet and Broadband network services.
Broadvision's "One-to-One" is a Interactive Commercial Management System (ICMS). ICMS will go out to home/end users creating a direct connection between Buyer and Seller in a secure and private Commerce Environment. This software will be deployed on a massive scale, with hundreds of thousands of participants. One-to-One is a three-tiered environment consisting of a set of development tools which allow Web authors to create customised interactive Web sites, an application engine and a `Dynamic Command Center'. These features allow business managers to target specific output to certain groups and also monitor that output's performance. The system itself consists of a user interface, a set of business rules and links to users' back office systems, and is being built on top of CORBA/Orbix in order to provide strong interfaces, a good distribution model, modularized development and the hiding of network issues. Persistence, Security, Naming, Notification and Systems management software all form part of the ICMS.
"BroadVision found Orbix to be an ideal foundation to support the high-performance demands of our Interactive Commerce Management System. To support on-line commerce in environments such as Interactive Television and the Internet, we needed an ORB that was portable, scaleable and imposed little overhead. Orbix is the best commercially available product we found to meet our exacting selection requirements."
Dr. Pehong Chen, President and CEO, BroadVision Inc., California.


Schlumberger Automated Test Equipment (ATE) is a division of Schlumberger Limited, a truly multinational company (52,000 employees in over 100 countries) with two primary lines of business: Oilfield Services and Measurement & Systems. The ATE division is the industry leader in high-speed VLSI component testers, VLSI diagnostic and repair stations, board test equipment, and automated systems for production testing.
Schlumberger's Advanced Symbolic ATE Programming (ASAP) software provides a fully integrated, intuitive, visual programming environment that enables its users to create, modify and debug device test programs on-line or off-line. The environment is complete, self-checking and presents a suitable platform for rapid test program development. Schlumberger ATE is expanding the functionality of the product by introducing several new capabilities based on an object-oriented (and ORB) architecture using Orbix.
"Reliable, high-speed communication between the various components of ASAP is a key capability that ensures the quality and performance of our customer's test environment. IONA's Orbix is helping us make significant architectural improvements through its ease of use, robustness and performance. IONA Technologies has provided excellent support by phone and e-mail. The time difference with California has sometimes been to our advantage - we have asked questions in the evening and received an answer by the next morning -- the IONA folks were working on it while we were sleeping!"
Engineer, Schlumberger Technologies Inc.


SYSTOR is the IT division of Swiss Bank Corporation, one of the world's largest banks.
A graphical user interface to maintain the data in SWISSBANK's host based data dictionary system called DBDOK:

The client is written with Visual C++ for Windows/NT using the Microsoft Foundation Classes and Orbix. DBDOK was developed by Swiss Bank Corporation(SBC) about 20 years ago and it consists of an IMS-Database, a large number of IMS/DC-transactions and some tools. It stores basic dictionary types - like field-descriptions, domains (code-values), descriptions to fields and codes, alias', relations between code values etc. - as well as complex entity types like database-descriptions, COBOL-copy areas or various user defined entity types.

DBDOK is highly integrated in the development-infrastructure of SBC and its data is being used actively by a number of other tools and transactions. For example, the mainframe COBOL-compiler translates the copy areas used in a program at compile time. To access DBDOK-data within programs on different platforms in the project CART (Codes At Runtime) we developed a C API for these platforms (UNIX, OS/2 and MVS). The version for UNIX was then ported to an ORB-Server whose functions were used in the client-program.

"Orbix is ahead in the Brokers race. It is really easy and straight forward to learn programming with Orbix and the training course was just great. With Orbix V1.3 the performance increased considerably. In our test application it increases by about a factor of 10. I'm very content with IONA's support. Questions were answered quickly and competently. As a Windows client-programmer I'm very satisfied with Orbix."
Thomas Grotehen, Swiss Bank Corp.


Interactive Objects Software GmbH carries out consulting and contract work for ABB (Asea Brown and Boveri). ABB is a US$15 billion world-wide heavy engineering company.
Engineering Documentation System V2.0 (EDS V2.0) is a planning and documentation system for Power Plant Control Centers. Orbix is being used to convert a set of highly heterogeneous and autonomous applications into a homogeneous system of interacting network services. Through the years, the colourful set of entirely independent "tool" applications at ABB had grown so large that only a few very experienced engineers fully understood the application work-flow for planning, installation, control, and documentation of power plant systems. Each of the many "tool" applications (database apps., ECAD, MCAD, forms etc.) were completely unaware of each other, even though they were often used in sequence or in parallel, with common data.

In short, the set of ABB/KWL applications could only be used efficiently by experienced engineers. Nonetheless, ABB wanted to sell the system as a state-of-the-art environment to power plant customers as well as make it accessible to a growing number of internal users.

The EDS project, which began in 1993, has made full use of powerful Orbix features to put all of the ABB "tools" behind a common set of network interfaces enabling us to provide a central "EDS Navigator Console" application that assists users in the following:

The choice of IONA and Orbix in EDS V2.0 project, after looking at several alternatives, has paid off in many ways.

"The IONA Technologies and Orbix features that proved essential in helping us reach our goals were:

Richard Hubert, Interactive Objects Software GmbH.


The microscan division of Baxter manufactures biological identification equipment for medical laboratories.
A project is underway to create a Windows NT client/server data management system for logging, reporting and uploading the results from panel tests to mainframes.
"The folks at IONA have been great in supporting the Orbix product. The staff in tech support get an A+ for their efforts in supporting our client server project. We work with several third party vendors but Orbix support is the most helpful. I have on occasion sent in change requests to these vendors but with IONA they have been acted upon for the next release. This is exceptional."
Charles Moore Baxter Healthcare Corporation, USA


The ComponentWare Consortium (CWC) is a newly-formed cooperative of seven leading companies concentrating their efforts in Distributed Object Management. The group was awarded $4 million under the US government Technology Reinvestment Project (TRP) to facilitate the development of reusable software. Consortium members include: BBN Systems and Technologies, a division of Bolt Beranek and Newman, Inc.; Heuristicrats Research, Inc.; I-Kinetics, Inc.; IONA Technologies Ltd; NetLinks Technology, Inc.; Pratt & Whitney; and SunSoft, Inc.
The goal of the consortium is to package data and applications as standard, reusable software components, that will use emerging Distributed Object Management frameworks such as the Object Management Group's (OMG) CORBA or Microsoft's OLE/COM. Developers and system integrators will then be able to select components and quickly assemble custom applications from anywhere on their network.

The Technology Reinvestment Project (TRP) is a Federal Government initiative to integrate the commercial and defense sectors through cooperative R&D and commercialization of critical high-technology. The CWC will also supply its technology to two other related TRP funded consortiums, led by Arthur Anderson and IBM. Total research and development by CWC members will exceed $30,000,000 over the next two years.

The CWC plans to advance Distributed Object Management in the areas of development tools, concurrency control, security, and support for current applications. Large distributed information systems that use Distributed Object Management frameworks, such as CORBA and OLE/COM, will require ComponentWare technology. For example, components used in assembly must experience little or no downtime. To achieve this reliability, developers and systems integrators will assemble applications by using replicated components. With such a capability, a mission-critical application can continue to operate if any one copy of a component fails. Other ComponentWare benefits include performance improvement through parallelization, system management, and other kinds of complex coordination such as database replication.

Each CWC member will contribute and integrate key ComponentWare technologies. IONA, the current CORBA market leader, will extend their distributed object technology product, Orbix® with object groups and fault-tolerant services. ComponentWare already has its early adopters.

The Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), a U.S. government agency, will host the consortium's largest deployment project, a nationwide system for logistics planning and management workflow integration to develop, acquire, and support the U.S. fleet. System capabilities include: automatic cost estimation, funding and contractor schedule coordination, functional requirement and engineering design data comparison, product quality monitoring, and project life cycle change management.

ERICSSON AB, Sweden/Canada

Ericsson is one of the world's leading telecommunication companies. This position is based on leading edge technology, advanced systems know-how, international experience and the ability to meet specific customer requirements. Ericsson's over 80,000 employees are active in more than 100 countries. Their combined expertise in switching, radio and networking makes Ericsson a world leader in telecommunications.

Ericsson Research Canada based in Montreal, a division of Ericsson Radio Systems AB, will be the first Ericsson organization to use Orbix in CMOS. The project started at the end of 1995 and the product will be available in 1996. CMOS provides a family of tools which allow an operator to plan, operate and maintain a high-quality CMS8800 based cellular telephone network. CMOS's user-friendly graphical interface enables operators to increase their productivity and efficiency in many tasks.

Ericsson Radio Systems AB., Cellular Systems-American Standards, is using Orbix to develop its Cellular Management Operations System (CMOS) based on the Telecommunications Management Network (TMN) architecture, and Ericsson expects to use the software in a number of similar large scale projects in 1996 and beyond.

This is one of the first times in the telecommunications industry that TMN standards and CORBA have been used extensively to build a network management product. In order to maintain the leading position in an increasingly competitive global telecommunications market, Ericsson is focusing on its core business in switching, radio and network management, and is relying more on strategic suppliers to provide common products and components. IONA Technologies has been chosen as a strategic supplier that enables Ericsson to focus on its core business.

Ericsson Research Canada based in Montreal, a division of Ericsson Radio Systems AB, will be the first Ericsson organization to use Orbix in CMOS. The project started at the end of 1995 and the product will be available in 1996. CMOS provides a family of tools which allow an operator to plan, operate and maintain a high-quality CMS8800 based cellular telephone network. CMOS's user-friendly graphical interface enables operators to increase their productivity and efficiency in many tasks.


BIBA is an engineering research institute at the University of Bremen founded by the City of Bremen in 1981. Since 1988, the University of Bremen has been one of 20 -Technology Transfer centers under the auspices of the German Ministry for Research and Technology. Within this network, BIBA focuses on "One-of-a-kind" manufacture and assembly.
The ESPRIT project 7131 (BIDPREP) aims at introducing concurrent engineering principles into the offer preparation phase for typical "one-of-a-kind" products, where preparing an offer is a costly and - most of the time - risky process. The newly developed methodology will be supported by a distributed software system, consisting of several UNIX and MS-Windows components. CORBA presented itself as the logical choice for specifying and implementing such an architecture. The project partners from Denmark, Norway, Italy and Germany have chosen Orbix as the CORBA implementation to be used within the project.
"Orbix forms the basis of the BIDPREP system, since it has enabled us to specify and develop software that spans several development environments and operating systems with the actual implementation taking place concurrently in different European countries. Orbix has proven to be an easy to use and very reliable product with excellent support."


Los Alamos National Scientific Laboratory, a research center previously devoted to the application of nuclear energy and to national defense, occupies a 199 sq km (77 sq mi) site in the Jemez Mountains in north central New Mexico. The laboratory program has now extended to peaceful uses of atomic energy and basic research in such fields as physics, biology, chemistry, geothermal energy, medicine, and metallurgy.
The Telemed project is designed to improve health care for sufferers of drug-resistant tuberculosis and chronic asthma by making the knowledge and experience of the National Jewish Center (NJC) available to a wide group of physicians.

Telemed is a distributed client/server object-based designed using tools such as Gain Momentum from Sybase and Orbix. The system is deployed on multiple operating systems and hardware platforms - including Windows NT and SunSoft Solaris.

Gain Momentum is an object-based authoring tool for multimedia applications. It enables the incorporation of audio notes and animated video streams into Telemed, when integrated with Orbix, the software can be fully distributed across any network. The Telemed project requires storage of, and rapid access to, huge amounts of data in the form of patient records and charts. To protect patient privacy, a high level of security is required. Key security aspects including authentication, the ability to make changes in the data, and encryption of certain information are implemented using Orbix.

"The work so far has shown the feasibility of the architectural approach, particularly regarding distributed Objects. The project has been well tested and is now being modified based on feedback from co-operating physicians. By mid-1995 the system will be ready for commercial deployment in co-operation with partners who will sell the system", Dick Phillips, Telemed project manager at Los Alamos;


CSIRO is an Australian government research organisation whose mission is to deliver research and development expertise to Australian industry. The CSIRO Information Technology Division is looking at distributed systems, and in particular CORBA, through several of its projects.
One of the projects involves making data held within some kind of a store (OODB, File System etc...) available on the network to users and to computation servers. A demonstration system is being developed which will allow a PC-based GUI users to access image data from one or more SUN Sparc hosted stores, and to generate perspective views, using a MasPar MP-1 massively parallel computation resource, hosted on a DEC Alpha AXP machine.
"The Orbix CORBA implementation is being used as the mechanism for the distributed computing. We have found Orbix to be a robust and complete implementation of the current CORBA specification. The Orbix C++ interface has also proved to be well designed and easy to use.

IONA has provided excellent support for Orbix via email contact through-out all stages of our work, including during the evaluation, installation and development periods. This is despite the geographical and time-difference problems between Australia and Ireland."


Leadership In Applied Information Technology
TACTICS(Tri-Services Advanced Countermeasures and Threats Integrated Combat Simulation): Orbix is used to implement the CORBA-compliant simulation framework utilised by TACTICS. CORBA technology is used to separate infrastructure services such as plug-and-play from the actual simulation models, which may run in a distributed environment.

JPSD(Joint Precision Strike Demonstration): TASC is responsible for developing a multi-media data capture, analysis, and retrieval system. Orbix is used to implement the CORBA-compliant communications between the system's workstations for database queries, event notification, etc.

IMNET(Image Network): TASC is developing protocols to support efficient communications of images. A CORBA-compliant interface to these services is planned.

IMACTS(Image Management and Communications Testbed System): TASC is developing a large image server that supports image hierarchies and collaborative access. A CORBA-compliant interface to these services is planned.

These projects are currently using Orbix.

"Orbix has provided us with a key technology for TASC's Object-Oriented Simulation Framework. By using Orbix we are able to separate the Framework Infrastructure from the simulation models this is not only a great enhancement to development but is also a key feature of the system. Simulation models can be developed independently, described by IDL, and executed in a distributed environment. The comprehensive implementation/interface repository capabilities of Orbix, its clever server TIEs, and fast communications, are essential features that have greatly enhanced the functionality of our product.

From the first phone call, IONA has been there to help us with technical questions. I have never submitted a question about Orbix and not received a response within 12 hours...usually quicker! IONA's staff provide a highly personalised service to explain not only the `how's' but also the `why's'"
Dr James Watson, TASC

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"IONA is a valued partner,"
Mike DeFazio, Executive Vice President and General Manager, UNIX Systems Group, Novell Inc., Utah.

"Together IONA and SunSoft offer a standards-based alternative to Microsoft's OLE. IONA really understands distributed objects"
Bud Tribble, Vice-President of Object Products, SunSoft Inc.

"Following an exhaustive examination of existing CORBA implementations Motorola opted for Orbix as an easy to use, robust, reliable and faithful implementation of the CORBA specification. Orbix presents CORBA in a natural way to C++ programmers,"
Dr. David Castillo, Lead Software Designer of the System Control Segment of IRIDIUM, Arizona.

"In choosing Orbix we also looked at IONA as a company and were more than satisfied with its strategic direction and product development plans. We see IONA as a key member of the IRIDIUM® team"
Dr. Ann Miller, IRIDIUM Chief Software Engineer for the IRIDIUM project.

"Orbix is a key application which opened many doors on our migration path to object-oriented technology."
Thomas Grotehen, Senior Analyst, Swiss Bank Corp.

"Orbix to a large extent hides its runtime from the programmer. Hooks into the runtime are obtained by inheriting from supplied base classes so the internals need not be dealt with. In short, the Orbix implementation of CORBA is very clean and uses C++ to full advantage"
David Donovon, Mayo Foundation, Arizona.

"IONA's Orbix-OLE interoperability gives us the best of both worlds. There are two camps emerging in the object world, Microsoft OLE and CORBA. But it is very important for us that the two are linked together"
Llewellyn Chang, VP of advanced technologies, Salomon Brothers Inc., New York.

"The combination of Orbix and ObjectStore provides our customers with the enterprise distribution of a superior CORBA implementation with the performance and object model support of the market-leading object database."
John Treadway, Marketing Programs Manager, ODI Inc., Massachusetts.

"BroadVision found Orbix to be an ideal foundation to support the high-performance demands of our Interactive Commerce Management System. To support on-line commerce in environments such as Interactive Television and the Internet, we needed an ORB that was portable, scaleable and imposed little overhead. Orbix is the best commercially available product we found to meet our exacting selection requirements."
Dr. Pehong Chen, President and CEO, BroadVision Inc., California.

"Orbix is better than IBM's (D)SOM"
Dimitri Konstantas, University of Geneva.

"Orbix is the only solid ORB with a good pedigree."
Andy Harter, Olivetti Ltd., UK.

"I was able to turn a paper design of our distributed system (consisting of two clients, two servers and two legacy applications) into a working prototype within a week of installing Orbix."
Steve Lubars, Charles Stark Draper Labs., Massachusetts.

"The staff in technical support get an A+ for their efforts in supporting our project. We work with several third party vendors, but Orbix support is the most helpful."
Charles Moore, Baxter Healthcare Corp., California.

"The time difference with California has sometimes been to our advantage - we have asked questions in the evening and received answers by the next morning."
Engineer, Schlumberger Inc., California.

"To anyone who wishes to learn either Orbix or CORBA (independent of the specifics of Orbix, itself), I make the strongest recommendation of the Orbix training course."
Craig Tull, Lawrence Berkeley Labs., California.

"The Orbix course was well structured and well presented. The learning curve for Orbix's implementation of CORBA was not steep, indeed all concepts and options were covered within the 5 days. All in all I would highly recommend both the product and the course."
Nick Thurn, ESL Pty, Australia.

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