OrbixWISE - membership counts

OrbixWise is designed to meet the varied needs of the many consultants, solutions providers, ISVs and enthusiasts working with Orbix today. OrbixWise is an umbrella program which covers three complementary streams catering for your different needs and requirements. The programs are not mutually exclusive and you may choose to join one or more of them.

OrbixMasters - support for systems integrators

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OrbixMasters supports solutions providers and systems integrators who use Orbix. It offers members extra support in the use of Orbix. OrbixMasters also supports companies that analyse and design systems for their customers. Companies must show considerable knowledge and commitment to join OrbixMasters.

TeamOrbix - strength in numbers

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The emphasis of TeamOrbix is on pooling resources. Members have access to marketing programs, comprehensive collateral and initiatives to broaden knowledge and maximise on market exposure. Become part of the team that delivers.

OrbixWare - works with Orbix

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We have hundreds of requests from companies looking to integrate software products with Orbix. To make this easy we have set up OrbixWare where certification is straightforward. By combining our products we can maximise on the marketing strength afforded by this impressive collection of software. Integrate your software today and become an OrbixWare vendor.

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