OrbixWise: TeamOrbix - strength in numbers

TeamOrbix is designed to support individuals and companies active in the sale of Orbix, or using Orbix as part of their strategic consulting portfolio. TeamOrbix - with the emphasis on team - is geared towards offering you the very best in marketing support, easy access to IONA professionals and cost-effective methods of getting up to speed both on the product and the industry.

TeamOrbix combines marketing, training and peer-to-peer interaction for a program that is fun, educational and full of value. One of the cornerstones of the IONA philosophy is moving ORBs towards full shrink-wrapped status. This can only be achieved through generating mindshare among the widest possible audience. By joining this program you not help extend that mindshare but also will benefit directly from it.

"Over the past three years Orbix has attained great success and respect in the development community. TeamOrbix is our way of thanking those individuals and companies who have worked with us in the past and making sure that we offer even better to you in the future."
Dr Chris Horn, Chairman and CEO, IONA Technologies

Become part of the team that delivers!

Benefits to You

Distributed Object Technology is not the buzz word of the future - it is available here and now.

1. TEAMORBIX - let people know you're part of the team

Once you join TeamOrbix, you will receive a certificate which you can display in your offices. You can also use the TeamOrbix logo on your promotion materials and advertising We will send out a starter pack with sample stickers and the logo on diskette as well as our signature page giving guidelines on how to use the logo.

2. KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER - become an Orbix Expert

As an integral part of the program, knowledge transfer and development of Orbix skill sets are one of the most valuable assets to members. As a TeamOrbix member you are entitled to receive 10% discount on places at our open enrollment education courses run across the world. At these courses, where numbers are limited to 12 places and the emphasis is on ensuring total understanding, delegates have an opportunity to get hands-on experience in coding and working with Orbix. The instructors have an extensive background in both practical and theoretical application of distributed technology. At the end of one of our week long courses, delegates have the necessary knowledge to develop and implement advanced distributed systems.

3. COMMUNICATION - tell people what you do

The OrbixWise Catalog is pivotal to the Program. This Catalog carries details of members, areas of speciality and work undertaken. This catalog is divided into three main areas - OrbixMaster, TeamOrbix and OrbixWare. The catalog is distributed to customers, given out at trade shows and seminars and sent to the media The OrbixWise Catalog is also available on-line at our Web Site where we receive hundreds of hits every week, and we can provide links to your web pages.

The OrbixWise programme produces a journal for members: The OrbixWise Journal. This Journal is written by members for members, highlighting special projects, aptitudes, and successes. This newsletter is a showcase for the members and is a valuable tool in demonstrating the calibre of the Program participants. We ensure that all members are featured at some stage and the extent of your coverage is only limited by the time you spend in preparing materials. As editors of the newsletter, we source materials, chase members for information and balance the content in terms of interest and style. We also offer discounted advertising rates for members and a regular What's New Column guarantees you exposure to a wide audience of prospects across the world.

The OrbixWise Journal is distributed to customers, given out at tradeshows and used in IONA marketing communications. In conjunction with the catalog, The Journal will provide important marketing collateral to inform and educate customers and prospects.

4. INTERACTION - meet similiar-minded professionals

Core to benefiting from this Program is the opportunity to interact with fellow members. New ideas, exciting initiatives and problem solving is best done through discussion with people who face the same issues, problems and indeed opportunities. The annual Orbix Users Conference provides such a forum. This conference is broken into different technical sessions based on platforms and industries. Issues facing particular industries are examined and breakout technical sessions provide hands-on experience for delegates. This is a not-to-be-missed occasion for members wishing to fully leverage their participation in the TeamOrbix Program.

Members will be invited to present papers at this conference. TeamOrbix members can avail of discounted attendance fees to the conference.

5. MARKETING - get your message out with IONA's help

TeamOrbix is a branded Program. IONA promotes this Program in a number of ways through advertising, collateral and presence at trade shows. There are a number of elements which will help you market your product more effectively, reach a wider audience or just plain have fun.

White Papers

We have a wide selection of white papers and marketing collateral which you can use. These are already available on our Web Site, ftp server or we can post you copies. We also have a number of printed documents which include The Orbix Architecture, and Customer Testimonials. In addition, we have an archive of IONA-IN-PRINT (our most interesting press clippings) which can prove the best sales tool you require when persuading customers to adopt your solutions.


IONA regularly appears at a variety of tradeshows across the world. As an TeamOrbix member you can become involved through displaying your collateral on our stand, joining forces in co-operative marketing events, or even co-hosting the stand. See the list of planned shows and talk to us.

Media Link

When issuing media releases, TeamOrbix members will be included in the circulation thereby keeping up to date. We regularily poll our members and issue combined releases highlighting wins and news in the OO world. In addition, you can avail of our media database when issuing Orbix-flavoured news.

Educational Seminars

We run educational seminars across the world and TeamOrbix members are invited to attend at a discounted rate.

Marketing Seminars

Each year we run once-off marketing seminars which looks at `how to market your software'. The seminar covers all aspects of business communications from how to develop leads through to media relations and collateral development.

6. ADDED VALUE - financial benefits of TeamOrbix for you
Internal Licences
We provide Orbix licences for internal use. Members can use these licences only to provide demonstrations or for internal training purposes.

Professional Services
Members of TeamOrbix obtain preferred use of IONA's Professional Services group to help in the following way:

  • Advise on Architecture or Design issues during project proposals
  • Provisions of specialist CORBA and Orbix knowledge during projects
  • Management/Strategic briefings
Finder's Fee
Members of TeamOrbix and their clients are entitled to a discount on Orbix software. This finder's fee is payable directly to you, or may be passed onto your client.
Reseller Agreements
IONA is keen to forge closer relationships with quality partners. If you think you have what it takes to become a valued reseller, then please contact us for evaluation by the Channels Manager.
Beta Program
TeamOrbix members are entitled to apply to the Orbix Beta Program. Entrance to the Beta Program is based on strict criteria including a comprehensive knowledge of product. Participants are also expected to provide full feedback and input on products under beta testing.

Qualification Criteria

There are three elements to qualifying for the TeamOrbix Program


The TeamOrbix Program is aimed at extending your reach in the distributed object technology world. In order to make it successful, the Program must boast committed members. We ask therefore that you adhere to best practice standards.

Technical Expertise

The TeamOrbix Program is aimed at companies already using Orbix who wish to extend their knowledge of distributed object technology. We ask that committed TeamOrbix members meet the following entry-level requirements:


We ask that all TeamOrbix applicants provide two business case histories from customers with whom you have worked. Applicants may be requested to supply references from these business references.

It is in your best interests to be part of program which boasts committed, solutions providers and consultants with a proven business track record. The company you keep is indicative of the company you are. The success of the TeamOrbix program is dependent on the quality of its members - we are committed to providing the best assistance to the best companies on the ORB-track today

Qualification Process

To qualify for TeamOrbix, applicants must undertake the following steps

1. Fill in the TeamOrbix Program Application Form (which includes company profile and business case studies).

2. Sign the TeamOrbix Contract

These forms may be requested from the OrbixWise Program Manager at <OrbixWise@iona.com>.

Pricing Schedules

Annual Fees: These fees are applied on a date to date basis and are not carried on a calendar basis. The subscription fees are intended to assist in covering the cost of the program only.

TeamOrbix: The annual fee for membership of TeamOrbix is based on the number of employees in your company:

		1 - 10		$700
		11-25		$1,200
		26-50		$1,600
		51-100		$1,900
		100+		on application

Certification is an annual process, and is costed according to company size. Entry into the program is evaluated by the central OrbixWise Program Team and is at the discretion of the OrbixWise Program Manager.

Orbix® is a registered trademark of IONA Technologies. Ltd.

All other products or service names mentioned herein are trademarks of their respective owners.

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