OrbixWise: OrbixWare - works with Orbix

More and more ISVs are building CORBA compliance into their products to meet the needs of customers who want the freedom of choice inherent in distributed applications. With Orbix IONA offers the potential for off-the-shelf CORBA compliance.

OrbixWare is designed to support and promote companies actively developing products that work with or are based-on Orbix. OrbixWare is geared towards offering you the very best in marketing support, easy access to IONA professionals and cost-effective methods of getting up to speed both on the product and the industry.

OrbixWare combines marketing, discounted training and shared information to provide you with new business opportunities and easier product integration. By offering customers a wide array of solutions we can help you capitalize on this rapidly growing market. The OrbixWare logo on your product tells customers at a glance that this product has CORBA built-in.

Overview of Major Program Benefits:

The following is a brief overview of what OrbixWare will do for you.




1. Marketing - Leverage our Strength!

As a key player in object technology, we have generated considerable interest throughout the object world. You can leverage the interest in us to generate new business for your company. Hereís how:

Information Packs - We promote you to our Prospects!
We will include your product details in all information packs sent to prospects in purchase mode. Every prospect will receive a copy of the OrbixWare catalog.

Branding - Your product and the leading ORB.
Let people know your product is fully CORBA compliant and works with the leading ORB, Orbix. You can use the OrbixWare logo on promotional materials and advertising. We will provide you with:

The OrbixWise Catalog
Print: This catalog carries details of members, detailing their OrbixWare product categorized by application and platform. We also offer a number of full page advertisements at reasonable rates.
On-Line: The OrbixWise Catalog is available at our Web Site where we receive approximately one thousand hits per day. This "Interactive Catalog" builds on the print version by including links to your home page and demonstrations.

The Orbix Journal
The Orbix Journal is a valuable tool in demonstrating the calibre of the Program participants. Designed as a leading source of information on object technology, we frequently include articles from OrbixWise members. These articles are based on their experiences and innovations with distributed objects. The Whatís New Column guarantees you exposure to a wide audience of prospects (over 15,000) across the world.

The Orbix Journal and OrbixWise Catalog are distributed to customers, given out at tradeshows and used in IONA marketing communications.

IONA appears at a variety of tradeshows across the world and is always a focus point of these events. We will display your marketing collateral at these shows and, depending on availability, OrbixWare members may be invited to join us our booth. See the list of planned shows and talk to us.

Media Link
Get on our hotline and receive the latest news as we issue it. We regularly poll our members and issue combined press releases highlighting wins and news in the OO world.

Educational Seminars
We run educational seminars across the world and OrbixWare members are invited to attend at a 10% discount.

White Papers
We have a wide selection of white papers and marketing collateral which you can use. In addition, we have a selection of re-printed articles from technology and business magazines which can prove an effective tool to educate customers.

2. Added Value - further benefits of OrbixWare for you.

Training - become an Orbix Expert.
As an OrbixWare member you are entitled to receive 10% discount on places at our open enrolment education courses run across the world. At these courses the emphasis is on ensuring total understanding. Delegates have an opportunity to get hands-on experience in coding and working with Orbix.

The "IONA Information Exchange" - Get on the inside track.
The Information Exchange is a forum whereby members may receive up to the minute information regarding product developments and plans, new alliances and promotions. Additionally, members may inform other members of new innovative solutions they have developed, promotions, etc. via the OrbixWise program manager.
The exchange is located on a password protected page linked to our Home Page on the World Wide Web. Only OrbixWise members have access to this information.

Orbix Users Conference - where are we going?
This annual conference is an opportunity for everyone working with Orbix to share experiences, discuss future developments, and so on. The conference is broken into different technical sessions based on platforms and industries. Issues facing particular industries are examined and breakout technical sessions provide hands-on experience for delegates.
Members will be invited to present papers at this conference. OrbixWare members can avail of discounted attendance fees to the conference.

Preferred Access to IONA.
Access to the OrbixWise Program Manager means that OrbixWare members will receive preferential treatment for technical and business support .

Early Access to Products.
OrbixWare members are entitled to apply to the Orbix Early Access Programs. Combined with the Information Exchange these provide the perfect channels to assist OrbixWare members keep their products in synch with our product developments.
Entrance to the Program is based on strict criteria including a comprehensive knowledge of product. Participants are also expected to provide full feedback and input on products under testing.

Reseller Agreements.
IONA is keen to forge closer relationships with quality partners. If you think you have what it takes to become a valued reseller, then please contact us for evaluation by the Channels Manager.

3. Ownership and Support:

The intellectual property rights to the OrbixWare product will usually remain with the OrbixWare member. At times IONA will conduct joint development with partners, and may share the IPR.
Similarly, support of the OrbixWare product will also remain with the OrbixWare member. Where the member needs additional support from IONA for Orbix related areas, this will be channelled through the OrbixWise program manager.

4. Qualification Criteria

The OrbixWare Program is aimed at extending your reach in the distributed object technology world. In order to make it successful, the Program must boast committed members. We ask that you adhere to best practice standards wherever you use the OrbixWare branding.
It is in your best interests to be part of a program which boasts the finest distributed object products on the market today. The success of the OrbixWare program is dependent on the quality of its members - we are committed to providing the best assistance to the best companies on the ORB-track today.

Technical Expertise
The OrbixWare Program is aimed at companies already familiar with Object Technology who wish to incorporate Orbix with their products. OrbixWare members should have the technical expertise to complete this project without requiring changes to the Orbix product itself.

5. Qualification Process

To qualify for OrbixWare, applicants must undertake the following steps:

6. Annual Registration

Certification is an annual process, and is costed according to the number of products being promoted. Entry into the program is evaluated by the central OrbixWise Program Team and is at the discretion of the OrbixWise Program Manager.