OrbixMasters - support for systems integrators

OrbixMasters has been designed to promote excellence and deliver competitive advantage to solutions providers and systems integrators working with Orbix in particular and Distributed Object Technology in general.

The Program is based on an accreditation process, ensuring that the membership is made up of committed, articulate advocates for Distributed Object Technology. Driven by IONA's Professional Services Team, whose bona fide experience in distributed technology is extensive, OrbixMasters is a powerful network of allies. Once accepted on the Program, IONA commits to training and assisting members, working with them in a close, confidential fashion.

Welcome to OrbixMasters!

"The strength of IONA to date has been the level of technical excellence within the company and the matching of that experience with like-minded people and companies in the industry. Technology in a vacuum goes nowhere. We look to this program to extend the boundaries of what is possible in the distributed object technology world - bringing the future into the present today," Dr Chris Horn, Chairman, IONA Technologies.

1. ACCREDITATION for excellence

OrbixMasters is an accredited program. Accreditation ensures excellence and confidence in the membership. As part of that process, we ask that members meet a demanding set of criteria which includes attending IONA's open enrolment education courses and maintaining industry and Orbix knowledge levels.

Once accredited, members are registered on IONA's Professional Services preferred consultants roster, and receive the OrbixMasters Certificate. OrbixMasters can also use the OrbixMasters logo on promotion materials. Membership counts.

(note - we ask that companies that join nominate employees who meet the grade - ie known to us and have been on courses etc. These names go on a register which is updated when people change jobs etc)

2. BUILDING BRIDGES and working together

As a member of OrbixMasters we want to work more closely with you. This includes a number of key differentiating features which are exclusive to OrbixMasters.

Guru Hot Line - email

While we have an excellent technical support team, this guru hot line goes beyond regular technical issues. It brings members in contact with consultants active in the specification of ongoing CORBA standards and in the implementation of distributed object technology projects. Where OrbixMasters members have questions on strategic issues, architectural developments and long term planning, this hot line will prove invaluable in providing the kind of support necessary to make the right technical decisions.

(note - we ask they provide a single point of contact and where questions are very detailed or particularly complex, we can scope the issues and prepare a competitively-rated consultancy arrangement. Procedure is a) question is acknowledged, b) Professional Services (ie Cormac) logs the questions and redirects it the relevant/available person in professional services or elsewhere if necessary. That nominated person reviews the question and may answer either in email or voice. If the question is complex or just a vague, a 20 minute conversation may be enough to point the person in the right direction, or tell them the scope of their question is pretty big and they should consider a consultancy option.)

Regular Strategic Updates

We keep you informed on a regular basis of the initiatives both within the industry and within IONA. This information is confidential to members of OrbixMasters and touches on many important elements affecting the Object Oriented industry as well as our strategic decisions.

(note - this should work as the following. Each time IONAsphere goes out, a strategic update follows. Product/area managers responsible for the news in IONAsphere are asked to provide a short `inside' story on the news item. Also, where IONAians take part in OMG meetings/conferences/EU stuff, we ask them to prepare an `inside' report on each. Finally, we need updates on platform/software issues. We ask that recipients sign NDAs before they receive this information. Sean Baker will also need to write an editorial each time - again this can be in the form of industry commentary, reports from travels, feedback from customers. Whatever is topical and of interest from his regular work. Recipients can also request more information on the topics, so there may be some telephoning to do afterwards by the main contributors. Note also, there will not be that many members in this program so don't expect too many calls)

3. IONA as part of your team

Our Professional Services team has proven experience in working with and leading teams delivering world class systems solutions. As part of OrbixMasters you can draw on this expertise and co-opt consultants onto your team for proposals, problem-solving or systems delivery. Members of OrbixMasters get priority on the time of these busy professionals.

4. The OrbixMasters Guarantee

Membership of OrbixMasters provides you with an unique opportunity to provide your customers with a bona fide guarantee of excellence. On request, we will write to your customers prior to beginning a project, expressing our utmost confidence in your capabilities. The letter will also provide a customer response mechanism whereby customers dissatisfied with any aspect of the work undertaken can have redress to us. On our part we will do our utmost to resolve any issues and if necessary provide input into the project in terms of consultancy and advice. Our only stipulation is that. where we perceive work standards to fall below expected levels, we reserve the right to withdraw membership to the OrbixMasters Program. Overall, this letter will prove valuable in tenders and new projects, giving you the support you need in demonstrating the value of the OrbixMasters branding.

5. TRAINING opportunities

Education is core to the accreditation process and places are offered at discount levels to companies which are accredited OrbixMasters. Training is available either on the open enrolment public education courses or on-site sessions.

Then detail list of courses available ...

6. EXECUTIVE briefings

Whenever there are major product updates or releases, we will invite OrbixMasters to attend executive briefings. Here members of OrbixMasters will have the opportunity to hear the latest strategic and technical advances, and discuss in person these developments with senior professionals at IONA. We also look for your input and feedback at theses interactive events. Briefings will be scheduled in Dublin and around the world.

7. COMMUNICATE your skills

As part of OrbixMasters we invite you to provide entries for The OrbixWise Catalog. This lists all our OrbixMasters including details of areas of speciality. The catalog will be distributed to customers and media, and distributed at trade shows and seminars. The catalog is also available on-line at our Web site where we receive hundred of hits each week. Where applicable, we will also provide links into your own home pages.

Membership of OrbixMasters also entitles you to be involved in IONA's regular marketing initiatives. We are frequently invited to speak at tradeshows and seminars, to write articles and white papers for prominent publications, and to provide customer testimonials. We will incorporate OrbixMasters members into our Speakers Bureau and will actively co-write articles and customer testimonials. The limit of your involvement is only bounded by the limit of your time.

8. MEET fellow Orbix users

As OrbixMasters you will be invited to attend our annual Orbix Users Conference. We also expect OrbixMasters to take a leading role in the conference itself, either through speaking slots or leading technical workshops. This event is an opportunity to position your company as a leading exponent in the OO world, show expertise and meet fellow users, customers and consultants.

9. TECHNICAL advantage

Members of the OrbixMasters Program have priority access to the Orbix Beta Program. Entrance to the Beta Program is based on strict criteria including a comprehensive knowledge of the product. Participants are expected to provide full feedback and input on products under beta testing.

10. FINANCIAL benefits

Finder's Fee

OrbixMasters and their clients are entitled to a finder's fee on Orbix software. This finder's fee is payable directly to you, or may be passed onto your client.

Reseller Agreements

Following a strict evaluation process conducted by the Channels Manager in IONA, selected companies can enter our reseller program..


There are three elements to qualifying for OrbixMasters

* technical expertise

* commitment

* references

Technical Expertise

OrbixMasters is aimed at companies already using Orbix who wish to maintain and increase their knowledge of distributed object technology. We ask that committed OrbixMasters meet the following entry-level requirements:

* have attended the Advanced Orbix training course (again, which one, Ross?)

* have demonstrated proficiency in Orbix, CORBA and mainstream OO knowledge

* have 2 or more years experience in distributed object technology


As part of the program, the companies and individuals who have been trained by IONA in the use of the product, should have sufficient knowledge to carry out high quality consultancy. Members are also required to stay up-to-date with the Orbix product, attending briefing sessions and retraining where necessary.


We ask that all applicants of OrbixMasters provide two business case histories from customers with whom you have worked. Applicants may be requested to supply references from these business references.

It is in your best interests to be part of a program which boasts committed, solutions providers and consultants with a proven business track record. The success of OrbixMasters is dependent on the quality of its members and we are committed to providing the best assistance to the best companies using Orbix in the market today.


To qualify for OrbixMasters, applicants must first meet the criteria specified and be assessed by the Professional Services team. Once accepted on the Program, applicants are asked to do the following:

1. Fill in OrbixMasters Application Form (which includes company profile and business case studies)

2. Fill in the OrbixWise Catalog insertion form

3. Sign the OrbixMasters Contract.

These forms may be requested from OrbixWise Manager through one of the following contacts at the back of this brochure.


Certification is an annual process. To reapply to the program, OrbixMasters must fulfil the technical requirements as agreed with Professional Services.


The annual fee to be part of OrbixMasters is on application from OrbixWise Manager.

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