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i-Contact - Sep 2008

Larry reveals where product strategy comes from

Scott enjoys SMT meeting

Death of IONA

It is with the most profound regret that we announce the passing of IONA after a prolonged illness, bravely borne ... More

Top Secret Takeover Documents

i-Contact can reveal the information brochure that all the potential bidders received. Find out what tempted Progress to take the plunge ... More

Letters Page: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Progress

How one employee came to terms with the inevitable ... More

Significant News from Ciaran Dynes 

All staff should immediately read this incredibly important email from Ciaran Dynes ... More

Confidential FUSE Rider Revealed

If you've ever wondered how the rich and famous of IONA live, the Apachecon parties with macs, source code and open sauce, now read the contract all our customers must sign ... More

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Power Cuts

IONA employees, particularly those in Waltham have been plagued by power cuts in the last couple of years, but it turns out they have been deliberate not some accident. CIO Steve Porter gives us his guide to power cuts ... More

Exclusive extracts from IONA's online magazine. ... More

What Happens on a Sales Engagement?

Have you ever wondered what happens on a sales engagement with a large customer. We have the transcript of a recent meeting featuring Frank 'Horse Hogg' Lynch ... More