(Note: this was originally preserved on the Iona.com site in 1998, as an archived copy of the original home page. This copy was downloaded from web.archive.org, and links have been modified to use web.archive.org in an effort to keep them working to some degree. I think this content matches the page circa late 1993 -- jmason)

Welcome to IONA!

This is the IONA Technologies WorldWide Web server. Feel free to take a look around.

We mainly keep information about our Orbix product on this server. Use information stored here at your own risk! See our disclaimer notice for more details.

The Web is a good way to find information on a specific topic, as it can talk so many other internet resource protocols (WAIS, gopher, FTP, etc.). Try the NCSA Internet Resources Meta-Index if you're looking for something.

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Justin Mason (jmason@iona.com)